Proverbs 23:12


October 20, 2013 by *Onyi*

Apply your heart to instruction,
And your ears to words of knowledge. (New King James Version)

Often times, many make the mistake of assuming that learning and knowledge must occur in the  four walls of a school.  As such, they take on the ‘arrogance’ that often comes from the learned who have spent a lot of time in school.  But, this on its own is problematic.  Once, you take on that arrogance, it becomes extremely difficult to learn anything new from other informal sources.

Life is a pool of learning and we have to learn to  submerge ourselves in it.  We have to learn to accept that we do not know everything and there is always one more thing to learn or confirm. Get rid of that arrogance and open yourself to learning.  Realize that instruction might come from the most unlikely of sources, like a one year old boy, who shows you an alternate way of viewing the world.

This is a great way to view instruction and learning because it removes the artificial, worldly demarcation that many use economics and placement  in certain societies to attain and makes everyone accountable for appropriating knowledge and instruction.   It also gives those who aren’t built for formal education the confidence to understand that they are okay regardless because we are all in the same school of life.


Thank you for the opportunities that you’ve provided for me to pursue my formal and informal education in the United States. Keep away the arrogance of the ‘learned’ from me.  Keep me constantly open to learning new things and most importantly, provide opportunities for me to apply the knowledge I have attained.


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