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I made a promise to the little one that I will attend a church service with him before I leave.  I went to church and one of the verses the pastor used to preach was from proverbs and as I glanced through verses of proverbs, I started wondering if I could meditate on each verse daily, apply it to my life and write on this daily.  This is my attempt at meditation and keeping consistent with God.

Proverbs is a book from the bible attributed to Solomon who was considered as being the wisest man in the bible.  But, interestingly, King Solomon despite his wisdom made a lot of mistakes in his personal life but yet God was still able to use him.  His life is a constant reminder that God actually works by grace.  Moreover, God will use that thing he has placed in your life for his glory.  He will work through you.

So, join me on this journey as I lay it all down anonymously.

We will be starting first with Proverbs 23.


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